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Want to Feel Super? 10 Ways to Fight Stress

"It's TEST time baby, let’s go!"  Remember the good old days when STRESSing out about taking your driver's test & passing parallel parking was the biggest obstacle you had to keep you worrying? Or maybe you are the one in the passengers seat, holding on for dear life...stressed this may be your last drive. We've all been there. Unfortunately, this constant stress is killing you...

Constant physical, nutritional, or emotional stress over works the adrenals and keeps the body from healing and working optimally. Stress raises cortisol, creating inflammation, ligament laxity (lose joints), and break down in your body over time. Find ways each day to relax and have fun! What do you enjoy that brings you life? Continue reading for 10 steps to decrease stress.

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Want to feel GREAT when your old? 5 TIPS TO STAYING HEALTHY

Want to feel GREAT when your old?  Don't let age stop you from having fun! Too often I walk down the street and see the stereotypical older gentleman or lady hunched over with a walker, slowly moving down the street. It looks painful! Nobody wants to be in that situation, but most of us don't realize getting to that point with the back doesn't happen overnight, it happens over years & years. In order to BE healthy and move well when older, we have to be intentional about health now!  Here are a few quick tips to starting out right. 

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